Marine Facility Construction Management and Inspection

As a prime consultant to the Virginia Port Authority (VPA), Quinn has provided construction phase services on the VPA facilities located at the Norfolk International Terminal (NIT), the Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), the Virginia International Gateway (VIG), and the Craney Island Expansion.  Projects have included the installation of cross dikes at Craney Island, oyster mitigation, electrical improvements, and other Port improvements.

Quinn provided both electrical and marine inspectors who covered multiple projects simultaneously at the various facilities.

Under three consecutive task order contracts, Quinn provided construction management and inspection services for shipping terminal projects in the Hampton Roads Port areas.  Quinn was responsible for providing fully qualified field operations personnel for each assignment over a 15-year period; and for cost management, invoicing and budget planning associated with projected work and funding allocations.

Port projects have included:

  • Expansion of parking and container storage areas
  • North & South Wharf Demolition
  • Construction & installation of new crane systems
  • Construction of VPA Port Police Facility site, structure and entrance gateways
  • Installation of cross dikes at Craney Island
  • Oyster mitigation
  • Electrical improvements